About sarah yukie

Sarah has always been fascinated with the magic of connection and the power we all have to evolve our perception to access transformation. Articulate, highly trained, and inspiring, she uses an array of modalities to invoke possibility and create community in diverse populations. Passionately committed to empowerment, her insight and listening will help you create practical magic in whatever realm you choose.

with an inquisitive spirit.

Sarah first discovered the joy of teaching during her Montessori elementary education. Her passion for creative expression led her to study writing, piano, and voice. She designed a dual curriculum in the the physicality of acting and dance while also pursuing the academic concentrations of metaphysics, philosophy, psychology, and anthropology to complete her degree in Behavioral Science.

A childhood filled with imaginative play and exposure to the joys of moving through hiking, gymnastics, and canoeing, morphed through many phases until she felt the transformative power of yoga in 2001. Sarah completed her first 500 hour teaching certification in 2003, completed her training as a movement and postural analyst in 2011, and has been teaching and evolving her movement and wellness offerings by leading classes, sessions, and trainings for over 15 years.

Committed to extraordinary transformation, Sarah has led transformational trainings around the globe. After developing her skills as a life coach in 2009, she has integrated clear communication and listening into leadership for individuals, companies, and non-profits to transform and empower individuals and communities.

After attaining her personal and professional goals, Sarah founded Create Karma, a not-for-profit social enterprise to provide accessible transformational leadership and wellness trainings through collaborative facilitation, in 2015.

A mother and partner, Sarah loves living in Lancaster, PA, and serves on the advisory board of the Women’s Business Center.


Sarah Yukie assists her student in a yoga pose.
Integrating movement

As a movement and structural analyst, Sarah will meld together your intentions and desires with your current capacity.

Sarah Yukie smiling and sitting on a blue velvet couch.
catalyzing conversations

A coach, leader, and facilitator, speaking to Sarah will help you see yourself and your possibilities in a brand new light.

ready to
create your possibility?