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Create Karma is a wellness-inspired non-profit organization committed to creating healthy communities through wellness classes, events, and leadership trainings. We strive to empower individuals to become embodied leaders who effect positive change through their lives and actions.

why create karma?

In my experiences of teaching and leading yoga, both nationally and abroad, inside and outside of the traditional studio atmosphere, I connect to the power of yoga to radically transform us. The tools of yoga are for EVERYONE— they are the tools to help you meet your environment with physical, emotional, and mental resilience. These simple, accessible practices teach you the basics of using your breath, meditation, physical alignment and engagement, and self-inquiry to uncover inner obstacles. Each distinction frees us to take action and create our lives as a choice.

I believe we truly get access to these tools to personal empowerment by taking two actions:

  • Practicing them on a regular basis
  • Sharing them with others

I founded Create Karma to have these practices be more accessible for everyone.

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